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HOCO 2022

Veterans Day 2022

Character Award

  • DHS Character Award - March 2023

    We have several students to recognize for their great character! Our teachers had many compliments to share about this group: Oliver Arroyo is always respectful and positive in the classroom, Vashti Sparks is kind and helpful to others, Kely Tomas is a very polite and attentive student, Rosibel Ortiz Hernandez is kind and empathetic to her peers, Adrianna Peevyhouse displayed honesty and integrity, and Damion Adair works hard and is always friendly. Keep up the great work!


    March Character Award

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  • DHS Character Award - February 2023

    We have 5 awesome students to recognize for their outstanding character! Here are the compliments given by teachers for each of these students: Hugo Monarrez was extremely helpful to students in need during a crisis. Brittney Tello is always willing to help others with class work. Sheyla Perez is always so kind and courteous to everyone. Gabriela Franco is a wonderful example to her peers because of her great attitude. Jaylen Spain is an extremely nice and pleasant young man to have in class.

    All of these students exemplify the character traits that we try to instill in our students. Congratulations and great job to all! #ReadyToSoar


    February Character

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  • DHS Character Award - January 2023

    We have a couple of awesome students to recognize for their outstanding character! Jennifer Barahona was nominated by her teachers for always helping others by doing silent, unexpected things. She always strives to be her best in all she is involved in, whether school, extracurricular activities, or community involvement. Matthew Collins was nominated by his teachers for always being kind and having a great attitude. Great job by both!

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  • DHS Character Award - December 2022

    We have several awesome students to recognize for their display of great character. DHS teachers nominated these students for several reasons. David Venancio is always helpful and polite in class, and goes out of his way to encourage others. Jamie Velasquez has displayed the same great character. He sets a positive example for our younger students. Jacob Henderson was nominated for displaying qualities of a very respectful and hard-working young man. Jacob also has a great sense of humor. Braxton Lindsey was a huge help as a teacher's aide. He went above and beyond and was a great asset to the teacher and class. Alyssa Dendy was nominated for her school pride and positive attitude. She is always willing to help other students. Congratulations to all and keep up the good work!

    December Character Awards

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  • DHS Character Award - November 2022

    Congratulations to these three students for being recognized by their teachers for having great character! DJ Stevens was nominated for his positive attitude and helpfulness, Nicole Abercrombie was nominated for her sportsmanship and school spirit, and Landon Centers was nominated for being a great classmate. Keep up the good work!

    November Character Award

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  • DHS Character Award - October 2022

    We have three awesome students to recognize for their outstanding character this month: Alexis Clark, Ralph Vinson, and Austin Hook. Alexis was nominated by a teacher for her great attitude, work ethic, and leadership ability. Ralph was nominated for being "one of the most polite and respectful" students in our school. Austin was praised for his selfless efforts to help Mrs. BWOK get ready for the Veterans Day program. Great job to all three and keep up the good work!

    October Character Award


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  • DHS Character Award - September 2022

    Congratulations to Ethan Blankenship and Bryce Roden for being selected as our character award winners for the month! Their teachers selected them because of their great attitudes, work ethics, and willingness to help others. Congratulations to both!

    September Character Award 2022

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  • DHS Character Award - August 2022

    Congratulations to Alex Bean and Noah Spears for being recognized for their outstanding character! Both students were selected by their teachers because of their willingness to help other students. We’re proud to recognize and promote great character at DHS!

    August 2022 - DHS Character Award


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