• Vision

    The vision of the Marshall County School System is to utilize collaborative stakeholder support to provide a safe learning environment that enables all students to become respectful, responsible, and resourceful lifelong learners and citizens.


    To provide opportunities for a blend of academic and technical skill sin resources, services, and experiences which enable students to succeed in college and in high skill/high wage employment of tomorrow's world.

    Guiding Beliefs and Principles

    Each student is enrolled in CTE courses where expectations regarding quality of work are clear, rigorous, and meets national standards of industry; and repeat opportunities are provided for students until standards are net.

    Each student has a continuing opportunity to investigate, explore and reflect on his or her own talents, interests, and aspirations, and each instructor will make necessary adjustments in learning experiences and expansions of the Alabama CTE Course of Study.

    Each student is enrolled in academic and technical courses where teachers communicate frequently and students utilize both academic and technical skills in relation to local and global needs of business and industry. 

    The use of data to promote and ensure center and classroom improvement is our way of life.