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Third Grade Supply List

(1)  Two Inch 3 Ring Binder

1 pack  8 subject dividers for binder

3 ring pencil pouch

Plastic crayon/pencil box

Red Plastic 3 Prong Folder

Yellow Plastic 3 Prong Folder

Orange Plastic 3 Prong Folder

Blue Plastic 3 Prong Folder

Green Plastic 3 Prong Folder

Wide Ruled 3 Hole Paper (2 Packs)

Wide Ruled Composition Notebook (3)

Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook (3)

Pencils (3 packs of 10 Pencils)

Pencil Cap Erasers (1 Pack)

Expo Markers (1 Pack)

Highlighters (1 Pack)

Crayons (1 Pack)

Markers (1 Pack)

Colored Pencils (1 Pack)

Glue Sticks (1 Pack)

White Glue Bottle (1)

Ruler (1)

Children's Safety Scissors

AstroBright Neon Copy Paper

Bulk Items

Peppermints, Hand Sanitizer, Tissues, Paper Towels, Clorox Wipes, Wet Wipes